• The FruitPad: first choice for growers and retailers

    • Getting berries and soft fruits from farm to supermarket without damage is a difficult process. Transportation can sometimes be thousands of kilometers. Optimized packaging, transport and warehousing, and efficient fluid management can be the difference between profit and loss.

      Hard facts for soft fruits

      McAirlaid's has developed a new generation of fruitpads to protect valuable berries and soft fruits through the logistic chain. Technological advantages minimize the risk of bacteria and moulds.

      Our new fruitpads utilize intelligent fluid management for safe transport and storage: Condensation is significantly reduced allowing for a fresh-picked appearance after even the longest journey.

      Compared to existing packaging systems McAirlaid's FruitPad 2.0 reduces waste up to 55%.

    • Exceptional advantages

      Protection // The pads are designed to have excellent cushioning with minimal raw material.

      Absorbency // Whether liquid is naturally released or from damaged fruit, McAirlaid’s FruitPad 2.0 absorbs from both the surface and the sides.

      Hygiene // With rewet almost eliminated, microbial growth and mould is significantly reduced – this is active waste reduction!

      Breathability // The micro pore structure supports the packaging ventilation system required by soft fruits.

      Handling // Consistent product parameters result in superior machine ability and efficiency.

      The eye decides

      Presentation // Individual packaging solutions using FruitPad 2.0 have the advantage of being hygienic and pleasing to the eye, and consequently more appealing to the consumer.

    Three challenges – ONE solution: FruitPad 2.0

    • 1. Pressure marks and fruit juice

      Berries are very sensitive, making their transportation challenging. Pressure marks and leakage of fruit juices are a common occurrence.

    • 2. Condensation

      During transportation, the packaged berries are often subjected to extreme fluctuations in temperature, which results in condensation.

    • 3. O2

      Combined with air, the fruit juice and condensation create an optimal breeding ground for mould formation.


Personal FruitPad

  • McAirlaid’s FruitPad 2.0 – specially adapted to your needs

    Two fruity colours for the perfect presentation of your fruit

    • Size

      There are many types of fruit in a wide range of packaging. McAirlaid’s FruitPad 2.0 is the right solution for every type of packaging: big or small, round or angular.


      Every piece of fruit is different. Bigger, smaller, softer, firmer. The amount of fruit juice that leaks into the tray varies too. The FruitPad 2.0 can be individually adapted to every kind of packaging.

    • Colour

      The FruitPad 2.0 is available in the standard colours red and black, and other colours are available on request – for the perfect presentation of your products.


      The shape of the FruitPad 2.0 can also be varied. Just ask us!

      The FruitPad 2.0 specially adapted to your needs. Click here for a direct contact!

    McAirlaid’s FruitPad 2.0 – specially adapted to your needs



  • Effectiveness that is scientifically proven!

    • A comparison with conventional types of packaging revealed a clear advantage in favour of McAirlaid’s FruitPad 2.0. Its optimal combination of liquid absorption and protection during transportation reduces the risk of mould and bacteria. Leakage of fruit juices is reduced by up to 55%.

      Discover the effectiveness of the FruitPad 2.0 for yourself – and be sure that your fruit is looking at its best when it reaches the end consumer!

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